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Important VulcanMC Skyblock Guide

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| About Skyblock
What once started as a hardcore survival map in which you begun with next to no materials and you had to build, craft, and grind your way to greatness, has now become one of the most popular game modes in any server. Since skyblock's humble beginnings, it has grown significantly in complexity. This brief tutorial aims to get you quickly up to speed so you can enjoy this fantastic gamemode.

| Our goal at VulcanMC
Our goal at VulcanMC is provide a safe and diverse community rested at your fingertips. Server updates are community driven. We aim to create a fun, safe and stable playing experience for all of our users.

| Gathering Materials
When you start an island, you have a tree, a cow, and a chest with some basic starter materials. After you've started your island do /kit to collect your starter kit. This will give you some basic blocks and armor to get your island going. Create an infinite water source by placing two ice blocks in each corner of a 2x2 space and breaking them. See /warp tutorial for how to create an infinite water supply. More materials can be purchased or sold in the /shop or you can generate cobblestone, iron and coal yourself by making a cobble generator. To see an example of how to make a cobblestone generator go to /warp tutorial.

| Ways of Playing Skyblock
There are two main ways to play skyblock, and most players fit into one or the other category: Create and Compete.

Building and Art - Unleash Your Creativity

As you may have noticed by now, skyblock can be a very time consuming endeavor, and while fun, many players could find it frustrating to make the leaderboards and be the best island out there. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. A equally fun way to enjoy this gamemode is to not worry about having the most money, or the biggest, most powerful island, but rather to let your creativity shine. Your island can be a sandbox to build and create whatever you want! (As long as it follows the guidelines of the server.) Try your hand at terraforming, build a skyscraper, a blimp, or some pixel art! You could even build a gallery, expressing your build talent and designs.

Compete - Be The Best Island Out There

If you have some friends that want to be apart of an exciting and fun filled adventure to reach the top of the leaderboards, or you want to see how well you are off solo, you probably would like this category. Players that compete for the best island research grinder designs, build the most efficient farms, and get as high of an island level as possible. This guide will assist you in growing and optimizing your island, keep reading to learn more on how to achieve this island status and become the best one out there!

| VulcanMC Skyblock Commands
-/is coop [name] use this command to give other players permission on your island to build
-/is invite [name] invite other players to your island (only the island leader has access to this command
-/is kick [name] kick a member off your island team (only the island leader has access to this command
-/is lock - This command expels all non-members currently on your island and bars members from warping to your island.
-/is expel [name] kick a non-member off your island
-/is ban [name] ban a non-member from your island
-/is reset - Careful!! This command resets your island if you want to start over. This command is only available to the island leader and only after you have kicked all members of your island.

| VulcanMC Economy
There are two main methods to earny money on VulcanMC, via Farming and via Spawners. As Spawners tend to make the most money on Vulcan, leaning towards spawners will be a huge priority if your goal is to become rich. If you are looking to create some extra money or you are just starting out on the server, the farming economy has a much lower startup cost:

-Spawner Economy
VulcanMC’s economy is spawner-based. This basically means the spawner drop prices are a tad (or a lot) higher than some crop prices, like sugarcane and cactus. When it comes to spawner-based economies, there are various types of farms that you can profit off of. Within the economy, there are multiple spawners that can be utilized to make money, but the two MAIN spawners that create a high-amount of profit are Iron Golem Spawners & Blaze Spawners. These two spawners create the most wealth out of all of the spawner types, they are also one of the most easiest farms to make (If you are looking for a way to make a Blaze/Iron Golem Grinder, I would suggest looking up tutorials on YouTube as to how to do them as there is multiple ways that they can be made). Players often like to make these grinders private for their own profit purposes, but that is entirely up to you. Now, you are probably thinking, how in the world do I even start to get the money to start making boat-loads of money off IGs/Blazes?? Well, this is where the crops come in.

-Crop Economy
There is a large variety in crop selection, very much like the spawner selection. The two main crops for the farming economy are typically Sugarcane and Cactus. These farms may be time-intensive, but they will pay off in the end. With the cactus farm, you will need the following materials: String, Cacti, Sand, Cobble (Preferable). There is two different ways of setting up cactus farms. One way is to use ONLY string. This method is a side-by-side cacti-string method with sand. This is the most space-efficient way to build a farm. The second way is to use building blocks, such as cobblestone, stone, etc. This method is replacing the side-by-side string with another type of block. With sugarcane farms you can build a straight-line of dirt/sand, with an adjacent straight line of water next to it. Harvest the top two blocks of the sugarcane when it grows, leaving the bottom block to regrow.

Small QA
-What if I don’t have enough money to buy string? It is so expensive!
Yes, string is very expensive, but to resolve this issue, buy a spider spawner and setup a grinder for it. It will help the production of basically free string.
-What if I don’t have /fly to build up my farm really high?
As I have said, this is a difficult task. People with fly will struggle with this due to their inability to move over easier placing block-by-block with ease. This will have to worked out amongst yourself and other individuals apart of your island that do not have fly.
What are good blocks to use for grinders?
I believe the use of stone-bricks and any type of terra-cotta works great together. That is just my personal opinion, you can design your grinder the way you would like!

| Chest-Shops
Once you have a spawner or farm feeding into chests, you can use a chest shop to sell items from these chests to other players who visit your island. This is commonly called a Profit Shop as it leads to a profit not just for you, but also for the player using the profit shop. Price your items slightly lower than the sell price on the /shop. For example, Cactus sells for $13.25 per item in the shop. If you price it at $10 per item (or $640 for 64), you will make $640 for every stack (64 items) you sell and the player, when they resell that stack to the shop, will make $208. You may lose some of the profit to the player, but you gain the time spent selling the items. With a well established profit shop you can continue to make money around the clock, even when you are offline. Do /warp tutorial to see an example of how to set up a chest shop.
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wowie fleshy, great guide,people who are new to skyblock will definatly get better after reading this! :D
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