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Denied Staff Application for Bigbear1313

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Part A

Q1) What is your IGN?
Q2) What is your Discord IGN (with tag)?
bigbear1313 #3366
Q3) How old are you?
Q4) What timezone are you in?
Q5) Do you have a working mic?
Q6) How long have you been a part of our server?
Since November 2018
Part B

Q7) Are you currently staff on any other servers?
I am currently staff on a server called Crazywars. My superiors there are fine with me being staff here, as long as I can be active on both, which I believe I am.
Q8) Do you have any previous staffing experience?
I have worked a total of 10 months on a server called Crazywars, with an average player base of 100+ people. I have achieved the Senior Moderator rank on there as well. I have lots of experience handling difficult situations, and difficult players, as well as helping manage 10-20 moderators and helpers.
Q8) How many hours can you contribute per day?
Three to four hours a day.

Q9) Have you had any punishments while playing on VulcanMC? If so, when and what were they?
Q10) Why do you want to become a Trainee on VulcanMC?

I am looking for a new opportunity to show off my skills and meet new people, as well as maybe help contribute my wide range of skills.

Q11) Why do you stand out to other applicants?

What makes me stand out is my personality, I am a very social person which makes it very easy to talk to others about certain situations and server related subjects. I also have lots of previous experience and already know my way around moderating a server. I also am very mature and
Part C- Scenarios

Q12) You are on the server and the only staff member online, multiple players begin disrespecting each other, swearing and insulting each others mothers, how do you defuse the situation?

I would start off by saying, "This conversation needs to stop immediately." If its not stopped, I would move on to warning each individual as seem fit and if need be move on to a more severe punishment.

Q13) A player calls you a trash, useless and a stupid staff member, how would you react to this?

I would politely respond saying, "Please be nice." and move on, and maybe punish appropriately for staff disrespect if they do continue on about it.

Q14) Your best mate has just come on to Vulcan using a hacked client. They jump down into PVP and start using Kill Aura. You have evidence of them hacking, but they are your best mate. What will you do?

I would politely tell them that is against the rules and that I am going to ban them for the amount of time that is appropriate, as I would give them the rules when I invited them to the server. I would also make sure to keep valid proof of any ban. I would also inform them that there are no exceptions rules are rules even with a close friend.

Part D- Agreements: Please answer these with a Yes.

A1) During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, it will result in an automatic denial. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree
A2) If your application gets denied, you are not to argue with the decision made by staff, and instead you should take it upon yourself to improve the areas you failed/lacked in. If you do argue with the staff decision, we will refuse to consider any of your future applications. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree
A3) If you fail the One week Trainee period, or you get demoted at any point during your staff time, you shall not argue with the staff decision, and if you do it will lead to a refusal to consider any future applications. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree
A4) If your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before applying again. If you don't your application will be automatically denied. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree
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Hello, thank you for applying to VulcanMC's staff team. I have reviewed your application, and following discussion with others, I have come to the conclusion your application will be denied due to your current role as staff on another network. It is one of our requirements that you are not to be staff on another server while in VulcanMC's staff team. Your application on its own was good, maybe a bit more detail on some questions would have been nice however.

Thank you for applying, and if you wish to reapply please wait two weeks.