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Accepted Staff Application - astronomized


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Part A

Q1) What is your IGN?

- astronomized

Q2) What is your Discord IGN (with tag)?

- astronomized#7254

Q3) How old are you?

- 15 Years Old

Q4) What timezone are you in?

- EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Q5) Do you have a working mic?

- Yes.

Q6) How long have you been a part of our server?

- The server will most likely not have been released for long at the time of writing this application. I have been a member of the VulcanMC discord for two weeks prior to this application.

Part B

Q7) Are you currently staff on any other servers?

- Yes. There may be an exception as the server in specific I am currently a "staff" on is going through changes, which remain unclear for the time being. That being said, I will update you if any new information goes public.

Q8) Do you have any previous staffing experience?

- Yes. I have been a staff member for TheSquadMC for around four months. The range of this position extends beyond the in-game server itself, as work has been done within it's discord counterpart as well. Throughout my time working for TheSquadMC, I have assisted players, moderated the chat, and punished rule breakers respectively, evidence permitting. I have participated in and moderated several events that have occurred during my time staffing there.

Q9) How many hours can you contribute per day?

- The amount of time I can spend on this server post-release varies. Normally on a weekday, you can expect an hour or so, depending on the scenario. On the weekends, more than an hour is to be expected. Again, it depends on where I am, and the situation.

Q10) Have you had any punishments while playing on VulcanMC? If so, when and what were they?

- As of writing this, the server isn't released yet. I have obtained no punishments on the server up to this point.

Q11) Why do you want to become a Trainee on VulcanMC?

- Ever since I begun perusing this position and past ones on different networks, my passion has persisted. My desire is to help people and assist players with whatever they need, while also working tirelessly toward making Minecraft communities a better place. I believe players should be able to enjoy their time being here, and on any network, while assistance is readily available at their request at all times, and without delay.

Q12) Why do you stand out to other applicants?

- A combination of my past experience with staffing on another network, and my ability to be online at several different times of day/night, sets me apart from others being considered. I work well with people, and deliver responses to player's questions and inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Part C- Scenarios

Q13) You are on the server and the only staff member online, multiple players begin disrespecting each other, swearing and insulting each others mothers, how do you defuse the situation?

- This scenario can be subdued by attempting to calm both sides down, and if one side or both refuse, contact a higher staff member directly and ask them about the correct response. If no staff members in the discord are available, try to change the conversation, and if one side or both take it too far, then proceed to punish the players breaking said chat rules. Even with mutable offences, acquiring proof is never a bad thing. You can show a higher staff member a screenshot of the conversation, and ask for advice on how to deal with it next time it occurs.

Q14) A player calls you a trash, useless and a stupid staff member, how would you react to this?

- If you are called "useless" or another related name by a certain player, its intention can vary greatly. For example, if a certain player says "You are trash," he/she may or may not be referring to you as a staff member, but as any other player on the server. This is still disrespect, its just not to the level of being against your staff position. Lets say you kill someone in a player vs. player arena and they respond with "You are dumb," and its aimed toward you. Again, this is not staff disrespect by any means. Its imperitive to make sure you are aware of the context of the situation the player is involved in, as there are different rules on different networks regarding "Pvp Banter." On the other hand, if a player says to you "You are the worst staff member ever and I think you should be demoted," he/she is attacking you directly and calling you out as not being a good staff member, and therefore, depending on the rules on different networks, it is staff disrespect. If it is indeed disrespect and you agree with it being so, then go through with the correct punishment.

Q15) Your best mate has just come on to Vulcan using a hacked client. They jump down into PVP and start using Kill Aura. You have evidence of them hacking, but they are your best mate. What will you do?

- Whether you know a player suspected of hacking or not, it doesn't matter. If they logged onto the server with a hacked client and proceeded to use it, which is specifically stated in the rules section of the server and in the forums clearly and with few exceptions as being heavily discouraged and punishable, then actions need to be taken promptly. Assuming they are your best friend, if they message you and say you "betrayed" them, inform him/her that the rules apply to all players, and afterward direct them to appeal in the forums.

Part D- Agreements: Please answer these with a Yes.

A1) During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, it will result in an automatic denial. Do you agree to this?

- Yes.

A2) If your application gets denied, you are not to argue with the decision made by staff, and instead you should take it upon yourself to improve the areas you failed/lacked in. If you do argue with the staff decision, we will refuse to consider any of your future applications. Do you agree to this?

- Yes.

A3) If you fail the One week Trainee period, or you get demoted at any point during your staff time, you shall not argue with the staff decision, and if you do it will lead to a refusal to consider any future applications. Do you agree to this?

- Yes.

A4) If your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before applying again. If you don't your application will be automatically denied. Do you agree to this?

- Yes.

Note: Parts A through C were labeled incorrectly, as shown here https://vulcanmc.net/threads/staff-application-format.8, and have been edited by me to accurately display the valid question numeric accordingly.
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You should get accepted due to your amount of skill as a staff and effort you put into helping others! Good Luck!