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Monthly Purge


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Your IGN: (in-game name) Stratas

What is the suggestion for: (Skyblock, hub, forums, discord, store... ect...) Events Server

Is this an original idea: (Have you seen this on any other server or is it a unique idea) Original

Every Month the staff team hosts a purge where everyone gets pre-made admin abuse items along with very OP items in their inventories once they do /kit Purge on
the events server. The kits should not contain any blocks to grief with such as TNT, Flint&Steel, Water, Fire, (etc.) I think this would be a good and pretty chaotic idea. This could be a PVPers paradise you can say. haha


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Hi Stratus, interesting idea. We are currently in the works for a last man standing event, very similar to what you have suggested, we'll just be calling it by a different name. Keep and eye out on #announcements and #mini-events on discord for future events!