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Accepted Minerfortyminer's Vulcan Staff Application

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VulcanMC Staff Application
Part: A​
Q1. What is your IGN? My in-game-name is minerfortyminer.
Q2. What is your discord IGN (with tag)? My discord name is Minerfortyminer#9032.
Q3. How old are you? I am currently sixteen years old. My birthday is March 25, 2002.
Q4. What time zone are you in? I am currently living in EAT which is GMT+3.
Q5. Do you have a working mic? Yes, I have a mic. I have even used it for calling on the discord several times already.
Q6. How long have you been part of our server? I joined before the actual Minecraft Server was released. I joined the discord on November 29, 2018.
Part: B​
Q7. Are you currently staff on any other servers? I am currently not staffing on any MC server. The only place I am currently invested as a staff member is on Fleshlings (USHistory) discord server MDG Gaming Community.
Q8. Do you have any previous staffing experience? Other than on a discord channel I have not yet been given this opportunity. I do feel like despite my lack of staffing experience I have watched and learned from other staff doing their job and am very mature in handling staff related matters.
Q9. How many hours can you contribute per day? I can contribute 3-5 hours in-game depending on different school days. I can also be on the discord throughout the entire day about 12 to 14 hours of regular checks.
Q10. Have you had any punishments while playing VulcanMC? If so, when and what were they? Seeing as VulcanMC hasn’t yet been released I have not received any punishments. I would also like to mention that I have never received a single punishment on any server I’ve played on.
Q11. Why do you want to become a Trainee on VulcanMC? I want to become trainee to help people out and create a fun and safe gaming experience for everyone. In this position and all future staff positions I can help to make this a reality for Vulcan and all of its wonderful players.
Q12. Why do you stand out to other applicants? I stand out because of my high levels of maturity and drive I have for this server. Another reason is because of the amount of time that I am willing to spend on the server moderating and being involved with the players. A vision I have for this server is to see it develop into a large, fun, and safe gaming community that outshines all others in its field due to its respectful players, high quality staff team, and awesome gamming opportunities. Allowing me to be in this position would allow me to bless the community, along with the other wonderful staff members, so that it grows to its full potential.
Part: C- Scenarios​
Q13. You are on the server and the only staff member online, multiple players begin disrespecting each other, swearing and insulting each other’s mothers, how do you defuse the situation? The first action that should be taken are preventative measures to make sure there is no more fuel added to the fire. Start to calm both sides down and even attempt to change the subject. Remind them that everyone here are friends and that this is a safe and fun gaming community and that no violence is tolerated. It would also be a very smart thing to take a screenshot of the conversation and send it to a higher staff, especially if they continue with their hateful comments. Once resolved you can also talk individually over msg in-game or on discord to make sure they are finished with their anger or other negative feelings before they proceed to getting in trouble.
Q14. A player calls you a trash, useless and a stupid staff member, how would you react to this? I would respond to this by asking him/her to stop being toxic and to continue to be kind and respectful not hateful. I would remind them that they can report me if they think that I am in any way being a bad staff member. If they continued from there, I would first take a screenshot and send to a higher staff and second, I would move on to punishments depending on exactly what he/she was doing. Using my judgement on the situation I would first warn them and if it is still continued from there, I would mute them until a higher staff could deal with him.
Q15. Your best mate has just come on to Vulcan using a hacked client. They jump down into PVP and start using Kill Aura. You have evidence of them hacking, but they are your best mate. What will you do? No matter what the case we have a strict no hacking policy. Even if they are my friend (which I don’t make that kind of friend) I must still report them to higher staff to be dealt with accordingly. Our awesome community should never be allowed to be violated in such a way, no matter the circumstances.
Part: D- Agreements​
A1. During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, it will result in an automatic denial. Do you agree to this? I agree with this for sure. The staff team already have a lot to do with the server and in their own lives. Pressuring them to look at your application will cause unneeded stress and take away from their time that could be spent on moderating the server or spending a little time away from MC.
A2. If your application gets denied, you are not to argue with the decision made by staff, and instead you should take it upon yourself to improve the areas you failed/lacked in. If you do argue with the staff decision, we will refuse to consider any of your future applications. Do you agree to this? I agree and think this rule is very necessary. Agreeing to change and improve from criticism shows high levels of maturity that are needed as a staff member. If you complain or argue it is just another reason why they shouldn’t allow you to become staff.
A3. If you fail the One-week Trainee period, or you get demoted at any point during your staff time, you shall not argue with the staff decision, and if you do it will lead to a refusal to consider any future applications. Do you agree to this? I agree to this as well. If you fail the one-week trainee period then you have already shown that you were incapable of staffing, for some reason. This is a staff made decision and should not be taken lightly or as a joke.
A4. If your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before applying again. If you don't your application will be automatically denied. Do you agree to this? Yes, I agree. If you constantly are applying it shows that you are not even mature enough to wait just two weeks. Also, it can overwhelm the staff and bring them away from something more important. This is another very essential rule to have that shouldn’t be broken.
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Good detail, no experience though which is the only problem I see. Other then that good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback kindle. Sadly though having experience is not something I can change until I am one day accepted. So essentially everyone is at some point accepted when they have no experience. :)


When there is a WILL there is a WAY.
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Hello, I have just read your application and I enjoyed it. The only thing I've noticed is the same thing that the others pointed out, you don't have that much experence but other then that you did great! Best of luck, -FrodoPower
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Wow, great application, very long answers in Section C. +1 Best application I've seen so far! 0.0


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Your application possessed moderate detail in all areas, except Q11, which I believe can be improved upon greatly. Since you decided to add that little extra detail in Section D, as many applicants just put the required "Yes," you get extra points for that.

Your use of correct grammar throughout the application is phenomenal, and there are seemly minimal issues with sentence punctuation and spelling mistakes. Nice job with that!

While the detail and content of the application is great, there are some improvements that I recommend if you would like me to give it a higher score. First, space out the questions by at least one free line. Second, bold the title of each section and possibly use color codes to differentiate the section title from the question title. There are several reasons why reformatting and reorganizing the application will increase your chances of getting accepted. For one, a clear and easy to read application will make the content appear more professional, and thus signifying the maturity of the applicant. And as you already know, a mature, professional applicant is more likely to be accepted than one that is less so.

Otherwise, the application flows well and you did a nice job on keeping the theme of maturity on point. Great work and good luck!

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Set to pending. I really like this application and would like to progress further with the application process. Currently our team is at a large size, so you will be the top candidate to be interviewed first when we need a new Trainee/s. I will explain more on Discord.
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