Denied iJackpot's Staff Application

Part A

Q1) What is your IGN?
My Minecraft IGN is iJackpot.

Q2) What is your Discord IGN (with tag)?

Q3) How old are you?
I was born on 2005/01/09 and I am currently 14 years old , and today is my bday :)

Q4) What timezone are you in?
I am in the Eastern Standard Time zone aka Est

Q5) Do you have a working mic?
Yes, I have a working mic and a set of speakers/headphones.

Q6) How long have you been a part of our server?
I have been in VulcanMC since the initial release. I also joined the Discord server since the release.

Part B

Q7) Are you currently staff on any other servers?
I am not currently staff on any other server in Minecraft nor any other game.

Q8) Do you have any previous staffing experience? If so what?
I have been the owner of my own, there was around 5-7 player on average. I had staff on TT-Pvp and it had about 10 - 15 people on average.

Q9) How many hours can you contribute per day?
I can contribute about 5 hours for School days and around 10 hours for Weekends.
Monday: 4-10 pm EST
Tuesday: 5-9 pm EST
Wednesday: 4-10 pm EST
Thursday: 6-11 pm EST
Friday: 3-10pm EST
Saturday : 11am-5pm Est 7-10 pm ESt
Sunday : 10am-10pm Est

Q10) Have you had any punishments while playing on VulcanMC? If so, when and what were they?
No, I have never got any punishments on VulcanMc!

Q11) Why do you want to become a Trainee on VulcanMC?
I want to become a trainee for VulcanMC because I can help the community of catching hackers, help with chat flooding/arguments. I have a couple videos of people hacking, griefing and finding exploits. I have already helped a staff member to ban a player called z4 because he griefing one of my friend's island and I helped to resolve the problem by providing the needed evidence. I have many videos of people hacking on many servers that I helped to get banned. If I found someone hacking, or breaking the rules I would love to help get them punished. I got a hacker banned because of my video proof. I had helped Chaotic_Mind and Ushistory as well as kindle banning an Island killer/trap Killing. I want to be a trainee on VulcanMC so I can help more people in the community and build a better bond with them! I have helped many people on VulcanMc but some didn't trust me that much because I'm a player and not a staff member. I applied because I want more people to trust me as well as faith. I know the rules inside and out so I can help others and punish correctly. I also love to interact with the server and discord members whenever I can. I have been playing skyblock on countless servers for about a year and a half now, so I know how to use many commands and help others out. My favorite game mode is skyblock, so I would love to help people on my favorite game mode while having a good time. I have also Had Many Experience of Comforting players and stop the toxic/fight before.

Q12) Why do you stand out to other applicants?
My application stands out because I have a lot of past experience. I also have enough patience, and kindness to help out everyone who needs help. I would be glad to help anyone who needed help out! I can Help someone with their Island, with any exploits, catching hackers, griefers, and many more rule breakers. I have also been owner of my own skyblock server so I can help others out more. My application also stands out because I can be on for a lot more hours then others can on a daily basis. I can also help make this community even better with my experience and kindness towards others. I know the rules inside and out, so I can punish fairly while still helping others. I love skyblock, so I know how a lot of the commands work, so I can help others if they have any questions about commands or rules. I have also helped to get many players involved in this community which has helped it grow even more. I have always had my recording on and I have footage of people doing anything anytime if anyone attempts to island trap, scam, or hack. I have been playing on VulcanMc from day one, and have been on the discord for about a month or two, so I have seen how rules work and how the server generally flows. I love the community and the people involved in it, and if I was accepted I would be able to make it better and help out more people. If I did get staff, I would be more approachable for questions if one came up. I also am on, when staff aren't on when others have questions, so I could help fill that gap if someone did have a question.

Part C- Scenarios

Q13) You are on the server and the only staff member online, multiple players begin disrespecting each other, swearing and insulting each others mothers, how do you defuse the situation?
At first, I would try and calm the players down by telling them verbal warnings but if this continues I would give a mute for an hour because of player disrespect. However before I mute or do anything related to this problem I would record or screenshot it, so I would have evidence to mute/warn them. I will show another staff member their behavior if they ever question me or the player.

Q14) A player calls you a trash, useless and a stupid staff member, how would you react to this?
There are many problems involved in this problem such as player disrespect and staff disrespect. Player disrespect is a 1-hour mute but staff dis is 12 hours mute. The word “Trash” belongs to the player dis part but when you say it to anyone in the way above its a 12 hours mute. I will always ask a higher staff member if I'm unsure. In general, if I have evidence and enough proof, that player will resolve a 12 hour mute.

Q15) Your best mate has just come on to Vulcan using a hacked client. They jump down into PVP and start using Kill Aura. You have evidence of them hacking, but they are your best mate. What will you do?
Even if they were my best friend or worst enemy, I would still get evidence and punish them accordingly and fairly. If they are your best friend/mate you should still do the right thing, just because they are your best friend that doesn't mean we shouldn't follow the rules and do the opposite. I will get as much evidence as possible and send it to an admin/sr.mod above and discuss with them. If all the staff member agrees as a yes he's hacking than that player will receive a perm ban.

Part D- Agreements: Please answer these with a Yes.

A1) During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, it will result in an automatic denial. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree.

A2) If you r application gets denied, you are not to argue with the decision made by staff, and instead you should take it upon yourself to improve the areas you failed/lacked in. If you do argue with the staff decision, we will refuse to consider any of your future applications. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree.

A3) If you fail the One week Trainee period, or you get demoted at any point during your staff time, you shall not argue with the staff decision, and if you do it will lead to a refusal to consider any future applications. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree.

A4) If your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before applying again. If you don't your application will be automatically denied. Do you agree to this?
Yes, I agree.


Thank you all for reviewing my application <3
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Thank you for the feed back , for the 12 mute is what i know about for most server.Which regards to every servers rule is different.Every server will usally give a chart or a format of the server rules. but anyway thank you for the feed back <3
Thank you for the feed back , for the 12 mute is what i know about for most server.Which regards to every servers rule is different.Every server will usally give a chart or a format of the server rules. but anyway thank you for the feed back <3
I understand :)
This application should need more improvment , i fixed up some grammer errors amd so on. If anyone can gibe me feed backs that would be great :D. Thank you


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Hello iJackpot!

So this is my perspective of this application


You do not seem very mature

You don’t seem very patient, I see this because a bit after you posted this thread, you asked for feedback other than waiting.

Also, if you have read the requirements, it states that the next application you make must be at least a month after your previous denied application.

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Sorry about the impatient part , i just want feedbacks so i can make change it into a decent application.From now on ill try and wait
Thank you


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Sorry about the impatient part , i just want feedbacks so i can make change it into a decent application.From now on ill try and wait
Thank you
Don’t be sorry, I don’t need an apology, everyone makes mistakes when they are excited :D
thank you so much , i was excited when i can help the community even if i cant get on ill try to help the discord community and so anyway , thank you so much :D
This is a great application , All the points are fully supported.
Very detail informations
The things you can change....
You can change the punctuations by adding more periods but everything’s awesome
I hope you can get accepted ?
Thank you for this great feedback,I will change the punctuations right now.
This application took me pretty long to make i rly hope u like it :D
If I can give a score out of 5 I would give you 4.5 because your detail but in order to get a perfect application is hard
Hope you get accept
I liked a lot about this application. You explained several things very well and did a really good job for the most part. One thing I would recommend fixing is your redundancy in some of your answers. Also going off of what Thingz said, make sure to act maturely, responsibly, and respectively in all situations. Without those traits you may not have what is being looked for in a staff member.
Good luck. I wish you the best :)
Thank you so much for the feed back, i am mature but that time i was really excited about this application.I appoligize for all the mistake I made. I will try to keep calm for more.
Thank you again for the feed back
-Thank you
If you think that you can prove yourself to be a mature candidate for a staff position then I believe you may do well. Also, happy late birthday. :)
Thank you :p
I applied the day I turned 14 xD
I can always prove my myself that I’m mature enough to be staff thank you
Hey Jack. After reviewing your application and ingame activity, I have come to the decision it will be denied.

What went wrong and how you can improve.
One of the main reasons behind your denial is that I do not feel you are ready for staff on a maturity level I'm afraid. As Thingz stated earlier, you also seemed to be impatient about your application. It is key to be patient during the application process and let it all takes its due course. One way you can make yourself more mature in your activity on Vulcan is by taking out "xD's" and assuring your text has 100% correct grammar. For example throughout your application I noticed multiple times where you used capital letters in areas, especially Q11, and have also noticed it in your normal speech within DM's and server talk. It is important staff's messages and text is correct grammatically and has a high maturity in order to come across as professional. Overall I just don't feel it is the right time and you are not ready to be staff just yet, but I hope you continue to apply and improve over the course of the following seasons, and get your chance once I feel you are ready.