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Denied Changing Names

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Side Note: Hey! I noticed you guys don't have a suggestion format yet so I'm gonna make one for myself :p
IGN(In-Game Name): WizardOrder
Server or Website suggestion: Website
Suggestion: Allowing you to change your forums name. I want this feature to be a thing because if somebody wants to change their username on Minecraft and want to change it on the Forums too so it isn't super awkward, they have the ability to. Thanks for reading my suggestion. (If this is already a thing, sorry. I saw when signing up that you can't change it and the first username set on here is final.)
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Yeah, that kinda should be a thing, but the name change should have to be approved by a moderator.


Enthusiast ;)
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To problem solve this, we could possibly add a linking system for our forums and the server. Not sure the plans for this however, I feel like we can find a way around the ideal of changing usernames on the forums (due to that action possibly being abused, etc.).
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Unfortunately, we are going to deny this suggestion. If you'd like your forums name to be changed, please message a Manager and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

However, like USHistory said above. We do have plans for adding a 'forum to server account link' system for the future. Which, may set your forums username to your ingame name.

Thanks for your suggestion!
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