[7/01/19] Weekly Update #4 - THE DUELS UPDATE

What's up everyone,

Welcome to our first Weekly Update... of 2019! In this weeks update, we present to you... Duels! A very much requested feature as of release, so we are very happy to bring one of our most requested features to life, and we hope you are too! Before reading the rest of this post and fighting your friends in a duel, please keep in mind that duels are still in beta - therefore, you must expect bugs and issues to occur here and there! If you find a bug, report it here.

Continue reading to find out more about duels!

| How to use Duels
It's pretty simple! To duel your friend or foe, type /duel Player and wait for them to accept! You can view another players duel stats by typing /duel stats Player. When you send a duel request to a player, they'll have 30 seconds to accept the request.

Donator ranks will also have access to spectating duels and turning off duel requests. To spectate an ongoing duel, type /spectate Player. If you'd like some piece and quiet from all the duel requests you are getting, simply type /duel toggle to turn off requests. Please keep in mind that you require any donator rank to use these commands.

| Duel Maps
We currently have a total of 3 duels maps and we plan on adding many more in future weekly updates!

Swampy Wasteland

Spiked Underworld

Rocky Desert
As mentioned above, we will be adding more and more maps in future weekly updates to keep duels fresh.

| Duels Kits
There are a total of 6 kits to select for a duel. These include the Potion kit, Gapple kit, SG kit, Snowball kit and the Archer kit. All of these kits can be used in a duel by all players!

  • Gapple Kit
    • Comes with another set of full enchanted Diamond Armor (equipped)
  • Snowball Kit
    • Comes with a full set of none-enchanted Chainmail Armor (equipped)
  • Archer Kit
    • Comes with a full set of enchanted Leather Armor (equipped)
  • SG Kit (SurvivalGames Kit)
    • Comes with a Diamond Helmet, Chainmail Chestplate, Iron Leggings & Gold Boots
  • Potion Kit
    • Comes with a full set of enchanted Diamond Armor (equipped)
If you'd like to see a certain kit on duels, feel free to suggest it here!

| Bug Fixes & Additions

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer fly while in PvP mode in Hub
  • Fixed crates being weird and not working
  • The Events server is now fully functional and capable of holding events whenever we'd like! We expect to be hosting large events at least 2 times a month with our mini-events running 4 - 5 times a week.

That concludes this weekly update, it's quite a large one! We hope you have all had a good new year so far, we are excited to share our ideas with the community and grow VulcanMC in 2019. Thanks,
- VulcanMC Team
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What awesome additions! Duels are just another feature that are to be loved by the community and to be used quite often by many players.

Development Team - Thank you for putting your hard work and dedication into yet another weekly update! :D
I love the maps and their names. I'm a big fan of the Mesa biome since it's my 2nd favorite biome (shares the rank with Jungle, top favorite being Extreme Hills.)

And, oh god, that snowball kit looks lit.