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  1. Pink_Jellyfish

    Island application

    This is an application to join & help out at my island, I'm currently flying solo but would like some help. I don't have the most time, especially as the reset is coming. Please make sure you check your application before sending it in! Edit: all applicants will be added after the reset! Tips...
  2. Pink_Jellyfish


    Hi! If you hadn't guessed I'm Pink_Jellyfish everywhere, Discord, Forums & Minecraft. Here's a few things about me: I like Vulcan. I love Vulcan. I used to only play Prisons, but it gets very boring just mining, sooooo.... I decided to try Skyblock, and then came to a server... It's called...
  3. Pink_Jellyfish

    Denied Trainee Application

    Part A Q1) What is your IGN? My in-game name is Pink_Jellyfish. Q2) What is your Discord IGN (with tag)? My Discord name and tag is Pink_Jellyfish #9378. Q3) How old are you? At the time of writing this I am 14 years of age. Q4) What timezone are you in? My current timezone is Greenwich...