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Welcome back to our second weekly update!

In this weeks update, we bring to you the trading system, the ability to withdraw your money and exp, a bunch of additions and bug fixes and more! Last week and this week follow a similar pattern of adding new features. However, next weeks update will be a large QoL (Quality of Life) update that will bring a bunch of small, but very useful features, fixes and more to the network!

Read on to find out more about this weeks update.

| Trading System
You are now able to safely trade your items, money or exp without the fear of possibly being scammed... (although, let our staff team know if this does happen - it is against the rules!)

Beginning a trade is very simple. All you need to do is type /trade <player>. So, let's say I want to trade with Bob. I'd simply type /trade Bob and wait for him to accept...
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What's up everyone,

Welcome back to another update! We hope you are all enjoying the Christmas update. It's now time to enjoy this weeks Weekly Update! We have some major and minor additions, some bug fixes and more. Read on to find out exactly what's in store for this update!

Before we get into this weeks update, we'd like to announce:


Read on to find out more about this update!

| Skyblock WorldEdit
Skyblock WorldEdit has been a heavily requested feature by the community. So here it is! Skyblock WorldEdit is now availabe for Saturn rank...
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What's up everyone,

Vulcan's first major update has just hit! We've got heaps of cool new features, such as a snowball fight game in the Hub, Christmas music playing in the Hub, the Advent Calendar and the Christmas crate, kit, bundle & tags on the Skyblock server!

You can purchase your very own Christmas crate key, kit and tag bundle on the store @!

| Hub Snowball Fight & Music!
The Hub PvP Sword has been replaced with the Snowball fight game during this Christmas. To enter the game, simply hold the snowball in your hotbar. You'll then be able to throw your snowball at other players who are in the game! Try not to get hit, otherwise you'll be teleported back to spawn!

Accompanying the Hub PvP sword is the Christmas Radio. With this item, you can listen to Christmas songs while furiously throwing...