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What's up everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the February Fun Hour events, where each weekend during February we'll have a YouTuber streaming on Vulcan! Last week we had Skeppy streaming, this weekend we had Cyclone streaming and next weekend we'll be releasing season 2 of Skyblock AND having a YouTuber stream, which we have yet to announce!

16TH @ 2PM EST

Read on to find out more information about Skyblock season 2.

The Skyblock server will be resetting to make way for season 2. The reset allows for a new competition, new features, many bug fixes and a fresh start for the entire server! Season 2 of Skyblock is going to be pretty awesome.

What will I keep?
  • Ranks
  • GKits
  • Fly
  • Island Expansions
  • Tags
  • Minions

This means that your islands, inventories, player vaults and purchased items (perks, bundle items...
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Our first build competition has drawn to a close and our staff team has been hard at work reviewing the amazing builds on VulcanMC. Judging was opened to all staff Mod+, and a select 4 volunteers comprised the judging team. The team went through all 24 builds submitted. Competition was intense, there were some absolutely massive, amazing builds, and we have decided to expand rewards to the TOP FIVE submissions!!! Without further ado, here are the winning islands!!!

You saw that right! We had a tie for first place!! Judges submitted scores for their top five choices and Diving and Lullu had an equal tally of votes for first place! We will reward two first places of 12,000 mobcoins and skip the second place reward!

_Diving_Maniac_'s build was a scene straight from Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon is being chased by three tie fighters and two tie interceptors while two X-wings battle...
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Announcing our top voters for January!

We love our players and for the players who have supported us this month with the top votes we would like to give something back. For the month of January, and from now on, we will be giving out Buycraft giftcard rewards to the top five voters!

Our top five voters for January and their rewards are...

| January Top Voters

pink_jellyfish_small.jpg @Pink_Jellyfish - 1st Place - $25 Buycraft
RedPanda3027_small.jpg RedPanda3027 - 2nd Place - $20 Buycraft
lil_witchblades_small.jpg @fodermester3 aka Lil_witchblades - 3rd Place - $15 Buycraft

Diam0ndMineac_small.jpg Diam0ndMineac - 4th Place - $10 Buycraft
AssistantFna_small.jpg @AssistantFna - 5th Place - $5 Buycraft

Thank you so much!! We love our players and are so thankful for your...