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[1/21/19] Weekly Update #6 - THE MOB BOSSES UPDATE

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What's up everyone,

This week we introduce to you Mob Bosses and a new parkour course in the Hub - Snake Parkour! We've added 2 bosses, that each come with 8 rewards when killed. The Snake Parkour is available on both Hubs, you can challenge yourself to it by walking forward and going through the right entrance in the wall. As always, we've fixed a bunch of bugs and added a few things here and there.

Read on to find out more about this weeks update.

If you're up to a bit of a challenging fight by yourself or with your friends and get some pretty neat rewards out of it, Mob Bosses are perfect for exactly that. This update includes 2 mob bosses that you can find on your own Skyblock island. These two bosses are:

Skeleton King Boss

Zombie Goblin Boss
Both of these bosses come with 5 skills and their own set of armor and...

[1/14/19] Weekly Update #5 - THE QUESTS UPDATE

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What's up everyone,

Before we get into this post, it's time to announce the results of the latest poll!

Last weekend, we asked the community which server they'd prefer to see next:
Prison or KitPvP.
... and the results are: KitPvP has won with 96 to 56 votes!

Our next gamemode on VulcanMC will be KitPvP! We will be posting frequent sneak peaks and chatting about the progress of the server over the next few weeks. No release date is set right now.

This week, we've worked on...

[09/01/19] Introducing our new Hub

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What's up everyone,

Today we present to you: the Hub update! This update is completely separate to our Weekly Updates, so we hope you enjoy this pretty big bonus update. This update includes, a new Hub, new cosmetics, new selectors, new profile menu and many other minor additions and changes. We felt that our Hub was quite small and wanted something a little larger which will allow us to add treasure hunts, Hub games and all sorts of other things to discover in the new Hub.

Continue reading to find out more about this update.

| The new Hub
Over the last couple of weeks, our new Hub spawn has been in the works. This spawn is much larger than the previous one, with more areas to explore, secrets to uncover and areas for future Hub games!

Below, you can see what our new Hub looks like...

[7/01/19] Weekly Update #4 - THE DUELS UPDATE

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What's up everyone,

Welcome to our first Weekly Update... of 2019! In this weeks update, we present to you... Duels! A very much requested feature as of release, so we are very happy to bring one of our most requested features to life, and we hope you are too! Before reading the rest of this post and fighting your friends in a duel, please keep in mind that duels are still in beta - therefore, you must expect bugs and issues to occur here and there! If you find a bug, report it here.

Continue reading to find out more about duels!

| How to use Duels
It's pretty simple! To duel your friend or foe, type /duel Player and wait for them to accept! You can view another players duel stats by typing /duel stats Player. When you send a duel request to a player, they'll have 30 seconds to accept the request.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0...​

[29/12/18] Weekly Update #3 - THE QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATE

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What's up everyone,

It's that time again! This weeks weekly update is now out and for this update we have focused on adding a bunch of useful features to make your life easier while playing on VulcanMC. We hope you enjoy this update, to find out exactly what we've added, read on below.

| What's new???

  • Island Team Chat
    • Team Chat is now more visible.
  • Island Biomes
    • All members are now able to change your islands biome.
  • Mob Coins
    • Mob Coins have been added to Vote Rewards.
    • You now get $2,000 instead of $1,000 per vote.
    • You now get 10 diamonds instead of 5 diamonds per vote.

[23/12/18] Weekly Update #2 - TRADING, WITHDRAW MONEY & EXP & MORE

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Welcome back to our second weekly update!

In this weeks update, we bring to you the trading system, the ability to withdraw your money and exp, a bunch of additions and bug fixes and more! Last week and this week follow a similar pattern of adding new features. However, next weeks update will be a large QoL (Quality of Life) update that will bring a bunch of small, but very useful features, fixes and more to the network!

Read on to find out more about this weeks update.

| Trading System
You are now able to safely trade your items, money or exp without the fear of possibly being scammed... (although, let our staff team know if this does happen - it is against the rules!)

Beginning a trade is very simple. All you need to do is type /trade <player>. So, let's say I want to trade with Bob. I'd simply type /trade Bob and wait for him to accept...

[16/12/18] Weekly Update #1 - SKYBLOCK WORLDEDIT, VOTE PARTIES & MORE

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What's up everyone,

Welcome back to another update! We hope you are all enjoying the Christmas update. It's now time to enjoy this weeks Weekly Update! We have some major and minor additions, some bug fixes and more. Read on to find out exactly what's in store for this update!

Before we get into this weeks update, we'd like to announce:


Read on to find out more about this update!

| Skyblock WorldEdit
Skyblock WorldEdit has been a heavily requested feature by the community. So here it is! Skyblock WorldEdit is now availabe for Saturn rank...

Christmas has arrived to VulcanMC!

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What's up everyone,

Vulcan's first major update has just hit! We've got heaps of cool new features, such as a snowball fight game in the Hub, Christmas music playing in the Hub, the Advent Calendar and the Christmas crate, kit, bundle & tags on the Skyblock server!

You can purchase your very own Christmas crate key, kit and tag bundle on the store @ store.vulcanmc.net!

| Hub Snowball Fight & Music!
The Hub PvP Sword has been replaced with the Snowball fight game during this Christmas. To enter the game, simply hold the snowball in your hotbar. You'll then be able to throw your snowball at other players who are in the game! Try not to get hit, otherwise you'll be teleported back to spawn!

Accompanying the Hub PvP sword is the Christmas Radio. With this item, you can listen to Christmas songs while furiously throwing...

Welcome to VulcanMC's Website

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What's up everyone,

Welcome to our new website, pretty neat huh? On our website we will be posting all information regarding changelogs and and updates. Our weekly
updates may involve a small or large content updates towards our server or sometimes our website. We can't wait to share what we have planned,
there is so much! (trust me!)

Now, it's time to announce something that everyone in the community has been waiting for. Our release date... VulcanMC will be releasing on

We are so excited to share VulcanMC with all of you! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

- VulcanMC Staff Team