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[03/11/2019] Announcing Skyblock Season 3

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What's up Space Cadets,

On the 3rd of March we conducted a poll asking the community if you'd prefer to continue with season 2, or start fresh with season 3. The winning vote was season 3, with 126 votes. Season 2 came in with just 26 votes. The reason we decided to do this poll was because of the amount of issues that were completely out of our hand (we couldn't fix) with our main Skyblock plugin.

Season 3 has been built on the regular Skyblock plugin (the one that we used for season 1 as well), so we are 100,000% certain that it'll work this time. With the launch of season 3, we decided to work on two factors. Fixing all of the broken things from season 2 and solely focusing on a 1.12.2 Skyblock server! We want to give players the ability to use all of the newer blocks and functions of Minecraft. You are now able to use blocks like concrete, concrete powder, terracotta and of course, the beloved parrot!


[02/24/2019] Weekly Update #8 - MONEY BOOSTERS AND FIXES

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What's up everyone,

The weekly updates commence once again! This week we've added money boosters, ore gens are now back and fixed many bugs here and there. You can purchase a 2x or 3x money booster off of the store or in the Mob Coins cosmetics & perks shop (/mobcoins). Click here to head to the store and purchase a money booster!

Read on to find out more about this weeks update.

Money boosters will boost the amount of in come you get. You can purchase a 2x or 3x money booster off of the store or mob coins shop, under the cosmetics & perk section. To purchase a 2x money booster off of the mob coins shop, it'll cost you 1,000 mob coins, for a 3x money booster off of the mob coins shop, it'll cost you 2,000 mob coins. Simply type /mobcoins.

When given a booster, it'll be added to your /booster menu. Simply click on any booster to activate it.

Click here to...

Quality Assurance Team now taking applications

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Hey everyone,

Today we are forming our Quality Assurance (QA) team, with this comes an application for anyone who is interested to join the team. QA will serve as our testing, ideas and bug tracking team, with early access to new features, systems and servers! However, it won't be that easy to get in.

Read on to find out the requirements to be in QA, what being in QA means and more general information!
(You must read everything below before you apply)

If you do not follow the requirements below, your QA application will be denied. Please carefully read through the requirements and make sure that you meet them.

  • You must have a donator rank
  • Have been playing VulcanMC for at least a month and a half
  • Have an understanding of Minecraft mechanics
  • Have an understanding of regular Minecraft server gamemodes (Skyblock, Prison, KitPvP, Factions, Creative, Survival, etc.)
  • Have a creative mind...