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    Ways To Solve A Cropped Chat

    But Mish! Badlion nor optifine works for me !
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    IQ9 intro (smarterest of them all)

    Pasta it is! Also welcome and Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
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    Sorry I'm late but welcome!
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    Denied IQ9's Staff Application

    You guys can't score out of 10, only staff can (you can score out of 5 though)! Hey, your application looked great, but you can't be staff on another staff during the time you anstatt on Vulcan!
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    [02/1/19] January's Top Voters

    Thank you for this <3, just some tips, if you wanna try, just get into a habit of voting as soon as you join!
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    Happy to be here! <3
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    [1/28/19] Weekly Update #7 - THE LUCKYBLOCKS UPDATE + NEW BOSS

    "Removed books and book and quills from Skyblock completely (will be removed from inventory on interact") What does this mean? Sorry I'm dumb
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    [1/21/19] Weekly Update #6 - THE MOB BOSSES UPDATE

    How do you guys manage so many great weekly updates? I applaud you and thank you for making Vulcan great, but how do you get the bosses?
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    Denied IDeansie Staff Application

    Nice application, a few suggestions though, space out the questions a bit more, and more detail to question 11 & 12 as they are key questions, and don't go on for too long on questions. Good luck!
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    Sorry :(
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    [09/01/19] Introducing our new Hub

    Wowowowow! This is amazing :)
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    If you start calling me that I will be sad :(
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    Don't even go there...
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    Denied ItzEeveePlayz Staff Application

    Great application a few things: It looks better if all question are answered in full sentence, for example, 'What is your name?' I would answer 'My name is Bob.' rather then 'Bob.' A few gramatical mistakes but not anything massively out of hand. In 8 you have got the tense wrong making it sound...
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    Denied BallisticBoi's Staff Application

    This application looks great, I think there are a few spelling/gramatical errors, also the last full stops red. 4/5